Different thanks to our


Different thanks to our


ALTERNEA, men and women who cultivate difference.





ALTERNEA, men and women who cultivate difference.





The Alternea team is a multitude of different profiles with a shared goal: to take up the challenges of tomorrow with you!
We are committed to continuing to put environmental issues first, for an increasingly sustainable business.

To achieve this, Alternea is organised into 5 main services and activities - a freshly restructured organisation to respond to the global strategy of the company and current demands:











Today, 94 employees work in interdependent departments, including seven in production at Alternea Farms. We work together, hand in hand, every day to satisfy our customers and match their expectations. Our quest for service and customer satisfaction are deeply rooted in our philosophy, and our guiding principle is to anticipate the needs of our customers and adapt to change. We cultivate this quest for excellence and that is what makes us different.

The right people in the right positions: all our teams are highly skilled in their field, and are in positions matching their know-how and skills. This mastery of our line of work, from production to marketing, is our strength.




Alternea is committed on a daily basis to being a responsible and ethical company, working around our core values.
In addition to a strong commitment to sustainable development, which gives meaning to our work, we also value all of our employees and continuously show them how much they mean to us. None of this would be possible without the people who make up Alternea today.

Our employees are endowed with an exceptional team spirit. They are fully aware of the environmental stakes, and they are active participants in our CSR POLICY. This policy is based on four main points consistent with our field of action:

  • Guaranteeing the well-being of our employees and their pride in working for Alternea
  • Guaranteeing the sustainable management of our tools and our warehouse (selective sorting, waste recovery, energy performance...)
  • Being respectful of the environment and working the land without harming it (promoting responsible agricultural practices, etc.)
  • Creating and sharing values wherever we operate (partnerships and social actions at the production site, etc.)

Our social policy also reflects our vision of equity and legitimacy, essential for creating an attractive and productive environment:

  • a man/woman equality index* that serves as a reference for progress wherever possible (our man/woman gender equality index is 77/100 in 2021).
  • strong investment in training our employees, Alternea makes the most of the professional experience of each employee, but also encourages them to continuously update their skills.
  • legal profit-sharing distributed equitably to all employees.
  • assistance in this time of crisis with fuel vouchers and electrical terminals available to all.
  • optimizing working conditions for better professional and human development. At Alternea, the President works closely with the Social and Economic Committee to implement an effective, constructive and responsible safety policy in the workplace, in order to promote well-being at work. Alterneans, as we call ourselves, do not only share working hours but also moments of relaxation in the company's living spaces, sports to take care of ourselves in the company's gym, and by participating in sports events sponsored by the company.


Administrative and Financial Director

Accounting is not just a machine for calculating the value ascribed to all our goods. It is also and above all a close-knit multidisciplinary team of autonomous men and women, constantly on the lookout for technical and regulatory developments, at the service of our internal and external customers, and always ready to take up new challenges. I am very proud to work with them.